Why I love going for a walk
Did you know that May is National Walking Month? How often do you go out for a walk? I have friends who think nothing of a 9 mile hike on a Saturday afternoon. Others who find it difficult to get outside at all. I like to think of myself as a walker. I’ve got a […]
Finding gratitude
Despite everything that’s going on at the moment I try to be grateful for the good things. That can be very hard right now. But it has struck me how lucky I am to be spending time with my boys. At 20 and nearly 17, they are now young men with their own lives. Soon […]
Lockdown Meltdown
How are you finding lockdown? I’ve been trying to keep busy: with work and training for my counselling practice, catching up on stuff around the house, keeping in touch with friends/family by Zoom or FaceTime, spending time with my teenage boys watching films and cooking dinner together. Generally I get through each day. But at […]
Working from home during lockdown
We’re living through the toughest of times and it’s hard on all of us. Human beings are sociable animals and while many of us may work from home from time to time, being forced to do so for an extended period will be challenging, alongside the other restrictions we are now living under for a […]

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